2008 Yamaha FX High Output Cruiser Wiring Diagram

  • This wiring diagram is specific to 2008 Yamaha FX High Output and FX Cruiser High Output with 6B6 engine.

A wiring diagram is a simplified drawing that illustrates a system of electrical wires. The schematic representation outlines the jet-ski’s structure of wires used for electrical distribution. This high-resolution color wiring harness pictorial indicates common elements in the jet-propelled vehicle’s electrical circuitry, including ground, switches, power supply, connections, resistors, etc. A list of color codes, electrical symbols and component descriptions can be found on page 2 of the .pdf. Use pdf viewer features to zoom in-out for a closer look at the diagram or download it and view it on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Wiring Diagram

Electrical Components




(1) Fuse 20 A
(2) Fuse 3 A
(3) Starter relay
(4) Noise filter
(5) Cam position sensor
(6) Oil pressure switch
(7) Thermoswitch, exhaust
(8) Sensor assembly, air intake pressure, intake air temperature
(9) Bypass valve motor
(10) Fuel injector
(11) TPS, throttle position sensor
(12) Pickup coil
(13) Stator coil

(14) Remote control receiver
(15) Antenna
(16) Engine stop switch
(17) Engine shut-off switch
(18) Engine start switch 
(19) Left operation button assembly
(20) Multifunction meter
(21) Right operation button assembly, FX Cruiser High Output
(22) Steering sensor
(23) Compass/air temperature sensor, FX Cruiser High Output
(24) Speed sensor, FX High Output: Speed/water temperature sensor FX Cruiser High Output
(25) Buzzer
(26) Fuel sender

(27) Fuel pump
(28) Thermoswitch, engine
(29) Starter motor
(30) Engine temperature sensor
(31) Ignition coil
(32) Spark plug
(33) rectifier/regulator
(34) Battery
(35) Electric bilge pump
(36) ECM
(37) Slant detection switch
(38) Main and fuel pump relay

[A] To tachometer
[B] To entry box
[C] FX Cruiser High Output

Color Codes




B: Black
Br: Brown
G: Green
Gy: Gray
L: Blue
O: Orange
P: Pink
R: Red
W: White
Y: Yellow
B/G: Black/green
B/L: Black/blue
B/O: Black/orange

B/R: Black/red
B/W: Black/white
B/Y: Black/yellow
G/B: Green/black
G/O: Green/orange
G/R: Green/red
G/W: Green/white
G/Y: Green/yellow
L/B: Blue/black
L/R: Blue/red
L/Y: Blue/yellow
P/G: Pink/green
P/W: Pink/white

Pu/B: Purple/black
Pu/G: Purple/green
Pu/R: Purple/red
Pu/W: Purple/white
Pu/Y: Purple/yellow
R/Y: Red/yellow
R/W: Red/white
W/B: White/black
W/L: White/blue
W/R: White/red
Y/W: Yellow/white

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  • greg wood

    i am getting code 115 on my software from my yamaha fx cruiser 2008 ho and will not run can u help


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