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Repair Answers is a web portal that provides professional and do-it-yourself mechanics a single point of access for downloadable service manuals, repair booklets and owner’s manuals—free of charge. Request a manual and we’ll find it.

2012-2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO/SHO 1800 Maintenance Chart

2012-2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO/SHO 1800 Maintenance Chart
  • This maintenance chart is specific to 2012-2013 Yamaha WaveRunner FX HO FB1800 (F2T), FX Cruiser HO FB1800A (F2T), FX SHO FA 1800 (F2S), FX Cruiser SHO FA1800A (F2S) models.

Maintenance is the process of keeping a jet-ski in good condition. Routine upkeep and maintenance intervals help prolong the life of your jet-propelled vehicle. This maintenance schedule represents the minimum maintenance intervals recommended from the factory. If you intend to keep your watercraft in peak condition, you may want to perform some of these routine services even more often. Frequent maintenance helps improve performance, enhances efficiency and preserves resale value of your Yamaha WaveRunner. If you operate your personal watercraft in harsh conditions, idle or run at low speeds for extended periods, shorter maintenance intervals are recommended.

Maintenance Interval Chart

This maintenance chart is considered as a guide to general visual checks, component replacement and adjustments. This maintenance table is provided with he assumption that you, not the dealership technician, will be doing the upkeep. It is therefore advisable that you refer to the factory service manual (P/N LIT-18616-03-41) when performing maintenance or repair procedures. The service manual will help prepare you before the actual maintenance work begins. Make sure you read through, and understand, all information pertaining to maintenance procedures you’re planning to do. Make a detailed list and gather together all the tools and parts you will need to do the repair job. If a particular segment of some procedure is beyond your mechanical skills, seek professional advice.

Maintenance Chart Items

  • Spark plugs
  • Lubrication points
  • Internal engine components
  • Intermediate housing
  • Fuel system check
  • Fuel tank
  • Fuel engine idling speed
  • Throttle shaft

  • Water inlet strainer
  • Bilge strainer
  • Electric bilge pump strainer
  • Impeller
  • Jet thrust nozzle angle
  • Steering master
  • Q.S.T.S mechanism
  • Cable shift and reverse gate

  • Stern drain plugs
  • Battery
  • Rubber coupling
  • Engine mount
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Air filter element
  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Valve clearance

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