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2015 Arctic Cat M, XF, ZR 8000 Wiring Diagram

2015 Arctic Cat M, XF, ZR 8000 Wiring Diagram
  • This main harness wiring diagram is specific to 2015 Arctic Cat M 8000 SP LTD, XF 8000 CT, XF 8000 LXR, XF CC SP LTD, XF 8000 SP LTD, XF 8000 HC SP LTD, ZR 8000 LXR/SP LTD/SP LTD ET snowmobile models.

A wiring diagram is a simplified drawing that illustrates a system of electrical wiring, circuitry and components of a circuit. It is a visual schematic representation that show components of the circuit and the electrical power and signal between the devices. Wiring diagrams are commonly used by troubleshooters to trace and correct faults within the sleds electronic system. This wiring diagram is a high resolution technical drawing for the vehicle’s main harness. The wiring diagram identifies wire color codes and the color used to connect electrical components within the circuit. The wiring diagram also shows the wire numbers connected to each wire harness terminal connector.

Wiring Diagram of Main Harness

List of Wire Harness Components

The main harness wiring diagram outlines the components that make up the electrical system.  The primary harness consist of 38 numbered components and connectors. These components are as listed:

(1) Sensor, Throttle Position
(2) Connector, Timing Sensor #1
(3) Connector, Timing Sensor #2
(4) Connector, Fuel Pump Injector Coils
(5) Injector, PTO
(6) Injector, Mag
(7) Connector, ECU #1
(8) Connector, Charge Coil
(9) Connector, Fuel Pump
(10) Connector, ECU #2
(11) Connector, Diagnostic
(12) Connector, Knock Sensor

(13) Servomotor, APV
(14) Alarm, Reverse
(15) Connector, Accessory
(16) Plug, Tether
(17) Sensor, Oil Level
(18) Connector, Speed Sensor
(19) Connector, Console Harness
(20) Connector, Taillight
(21) Connector, Handlebar Harness
(22) Starter Relay, #1
(23) Starter Relay
(24) Starter Relay #2
(25) Power Distribution Module
(26) Connector, Batter Positive

(27) Connector, Battery Negative
(28) Connector, DC Regulator #2
(29) Connector, AC Regulator #1
(30) Regulator
(31) Connector, Lighting Coil
(32) Connector, Chassis Ground
(33) Sensor, Exhaust Temperature
(34) Sensor, Coolant Temperature
(35) Coil, Mag. HV Ignition #2
(36) Coil, Mag. HV Ignition #1
(37) Coil, Pto. HV Ignition #2
(38) Coil, Pto. HV Ignition #1

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  1. Hi there. my 2015 Arctic Cat M8000 speedometer the gas gauge won’t work it just says low fuel but I have fuel in it. What do I do to fix it? Thanks.

  2. pulled from storage, simple battery replacement, starter would spin but not engage stater selonoid. no nothing will work. no starter engagment at all. no screen info, nothing.

    cannot pull start.

    2015 XF8000 limited