2011 Harley Dyna Oil Pressure Switch

  • The oil pressure switch information herein pertains to 2011 Harley-Davidson Dyna FXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom, FXDB Street Bob, FXDF Fat Bob and FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide. 

An oil pressure switch is much like a circuit breaker. It is a device for making and breaking a connection. The switch relies on a continuous physical force of oil on or against an object in contact with it. If the physical force of the viscous liquid lubricant is reduced, it will trigger the oil light to light up. An oil pressure switch is an actuator that activates the oil pressure warning light. The mechanical device is intended to switch close when oil pressure is too low. It is normal for the oil pressure indicator to illuminate when the ignition is ON and engine off. The oil pressure indicator lamp should turn off when the engine starts running.

Oil Pressure Indicator Lamp
Oil Pressure Indicator Lamp

If the oil indicator lamp remains lit after the engine begins operating, first check oil supply and oil level. If the oil supply appears normal after inspection, turn off the engine immediately and do not ride the motorcycle until the problem is found. Failure to shut off the motor can result in critical damage to the internal-combustion engine.

Oil Pressure Switch Location
Oil Pressure Switch Location

Oil Light Remains Lit

Aside from a faulty oil pressure switch, several causes and actions should be examined to pinpoint the source of the problem. If the oil pressure indicator lamp remains lit even after the engine is running, it could be a result of restricted oil supply, low oil level or the wrong oil viscosity. In cold weather, the freezing point of oil is 37° degrees Fahrenheit, oil can be gummy and the oil return lines can clog up caused by the oil solidifying. If the temperature is not freezing, inspect the oil lamp wiring, oil pressure sending unit malfunction, clogged oil filter, damaged oil pump, incorrect engine oil viscosity. If the lamp still remains lit, check for a weak or broken spring located inside the oil pressure relief valve and/or improperly installed or broken O-ring.

Oil Pressure Switch Replacement

The oil pressure switch main function is to monitor oil pressure in the engine’s crankcase. If the force of oil pressure exerted drops below 3 psi (20.6 kPa) the oil pressure switch will change and the oil pressure indicator lamp will illuminate as a result of insufficient oil supply.   If you suspect the oil pressure switch is faulty, or had already planned on replacing it, follow the recommended removal and replacement procedures listed below. 


  1. Refer to image for oil pressure switch and connector location. The switch and connector are located on the right side of the crankcase.
  2. Detach the connector from the pressure switch. 
  3. Use a 15/16 in. Open end wrench and remove the oil pressure switch from crankcase.
How to Replace Oil Pressure Switch
(1) Oil pressure switch. (2) Connector.


Only perform step 1 if you are reinstalling the old switch. A new switch should already have a sealant contact patch adhered on the threads. If installing a brand-new part, begin installation procedures at step 2.

  1. Coat oil pressure switch threads with Loctite pipe sealant with teflon.
  2. Install the oil pressure switch to crankcase. Torque the switch to 96-144 in-lbs (10.8-16.3 Nm).
  3. Reattach the connector to the oil switch.
  4. Test to make sure the oil pressure switch is operating correctly.

Oil Pressure Switch Test

The oil pressure switch is an inexpensive part. The part number is 26561-99. If you intend to establish if the switch is faulty, perform the following testing procedures. A harness connector test kit is required to test the oil pressure switch. The harness connector test kit part number is HD-41404-C.

  1. Disconnect the oil pressure sensor.
  2. Using the connector test kit, connect [120B] terminal 1 to ground.
  3. If the oil pressure lamp turns ON, replace oil pressure switch.
  4. If the oil pressure lamp does not turn ON, test the oil pressure sensor.

Always refer to the factory service manual when servicing the oil pressure switch or any part on your Harley Dyna motorcycle. Never rely on specifications or information from any online score unless it comes directly from an official source.

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One thought on “2011 Harley Dyna Oil Pressure Switch

  • Richard Fedeli

    Changed oil & filter k&n filter red-line 20- 50 road bike 30 miles check oil after all good / next day red oil light stays on after start…

    Changed oil sensor with new Arlen Nass gauge and mobile 20-50 with HD brand filter- gauge idles at 10 psi and between 30-45 psi at normal highway speeds

    Still red light stays on / looking for wiring specs to trace blue single idiot light wire

    No strange sounds actually bike runs and sounds great

    Before red oil light staying on new full mufflers, sputhe posi tach stabilizer, at every step watchbi didn’t pin harness



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