Dodge Challenger Engine Will Not Start (2011-2014)

  • The information on this page pertains to Dodge Challenger won’t start. It is specific to 3.5L 60° V-6,  3.6L flexible fuel V6, 5.7-liter 90° eight-cylinder and 6.1L 8-cylinder 90° V-Type engines.
  • The troubleshooting steps on this page routinely recommend you refer to the factory service manual for additional diagnosis and testing procedures. Go here to download manual.

Dodge Challenger engine will not start refers to when the internal-combustion engine won’t activate and begin to work. It could mean the vehicle’s motor cranks but will not begin operating or a condition where the crankshaft won’t turn in order to start the engine. Engine will not start should not be confused with starting issues where the engine turns on but then stalls or when the engine idles rough and shuts off. There are possible causes and corrections that are specific to an engine that will not start and a separate set of possible causes and corrections for an engine that starts and stalls or idles rough and turns off. Identifying the exact symptom is critical when attempting to troubleshoot  engine problems.

Troubleshooting is the process of tracking down the source of a problem within an electronic or mechanical system and correct its fault. In other words, it is a systematic approach to problem solving that involves diagnosing the source or testing a part so as to determine the cause of malfunction.

Use this troubleshooting chart if your Dodge Challenger will not start. Keep in mind that other conditions not listed on this page could prevent an engine to turn on and begin operating, for example, if there is no cylinder compression pressure in all cylinders, the engine won’t start, where as a loss of compression in one cylinder would most likely just cause a misfire and poor engine performance. Other conditions can prevent a motor to fire up, for example, a seized motor or vehicle anti-theft system. That said, if your Dodge Challenger won’t start, refer to the appropriate guide as it list the most likely cause and its solution.

Engine Will Not Start – 3.5 L

What to do when your Dodge Challenger wont start


Engine Will Not Start – 3.6 L

Challenger won't start but lights come on


Engine Will Not Start – 5.7 L

Car won't turn of but battery is good.


Engine Will Not Start – 6.1 L

Challenger won't start clicking noise 2011 2012 2013 2014



Sure, there could be other reasons why your Challenger does not start up. In fact, there could be dozens of reasons why it won’t start. But what is listed are the most common reasons why your car won’t start. Don’t forget to download the free manual. It will help you  further diagnose a no-start issue. It is also a good idea to obtain a diagnostic scan tool to better help you pinpoint a problem. I have heard there are diagnostic tool apps for Android and iOS devices.

Anyhow, are you having starting problems with your Dodge Challenger? Post your problem in the comment box below and get a response by a certified mechanic, or maybe one of our many website followers can answer the question. Good luck!

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